About Us

Built On Commitment

With many of our employees being with us 15 years and longer, we consider each other to be like family. We are very proud that we have long term employees that grow with us through all the challenges and successes that we’ve encountered over the last 40+ years.

Tonda Construction began in 1978 with 3 partners, the name ’Tonda’ was chosen, ‘To’ for Tom – ‘n’ for Nick and ‘da’ for Dave. Over the next decade, the partners would change and in 1989, Tom Weller ultimately took over as the sole owner of Tonda Construction.

During the previous year, his son Darrin Weller started working full time in the field, and in just a few short years would transition into the office as Vice President and Project Manager. Around the same time, Dorothy Weller began as Human Resources Manager along with daughter Tracey, who handles the accounting.

Driven by dedication

Tom Weller was not against taking chances, and within 5 years, the company was doing a volume of $30,000,000 by 1993, up from $5,000,000 in 1989. Tonda now operates with a staff of 35 – 40 employees on a regular basis and is now doing a volume of $35,000,000+ per year.

Today, Tom is still at the helm of the company alongside his children, Tracey and Darrin, who will be keeping Tonda alive and well. With over 40 years of experience, Tonda has solidified its reputation as a leader through award-winning, cutting-edge construction projects spreading across several industries and sectors.

Over the last four decades, our dedication to our clients and our work has produced high-level workspaces, accredited by organizations such as L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and more. Our team digs deep to uncover every way to make each project stand out from its competition and counterparts.

our Team

Meet the crew responsible for keeping Tonda’s team of experts busy out in the field and growing for over 40 years. Our office and administration staff work closely with on-site personnel to ensure that every project is crafted to perfection.

Tom Weller

President, Owner

Aside from founding and running the company, Tom is the main estimator on staff as well as monitoring the daily operations of the company and does some project management as well.

Darrin Weller

Vice President, Project Manager

Darrin is the Lead Project Manager and has been working with Tonda since 1988. He has hands-on experience as he spent his first 5 years in the field learning the trade. He works alongside Tom with the day-to-day operations and assists with estimating as required.

Tracey Poels

Treasurer, Office / Accounting Manager

Tracey works closely with her team in the office to ensure that the financial end of the business is looked after and monitors the day-to-day operation of her department. Tracey started working with the company in 1989.

Kurt Langille

Project Manager

Kurt came to us with 20 years of previous experience in the field. Kurt was hired in 2021 for the position of Project Manager on numerous construction projects. His role is to keep the projects on schedule and within budget, as well as pricing all extras.

Tanya Kastner

Accounting, Health & Safety Manager

Tanya started with Tonda over 16 years ago as reception and worked herself up to accounts payable. She is responsible for payments to all subcontractors, part of the Accounts Receivable department, and manages our Health & Safety committee.

Kim Campbell

Administrative Assistant

Kim also started with Tonda over 16 years ago as our receptionist, and now leads the Supplier Payables along with Office Payables as part of her Administrative Assistant role. Kim also does the maintenance manuals for our projects, which is by far one of the most tedious jobs.

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