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Industrial Design & Construction

Industrial design and construction are where Tonda drives progress and builds a brighter future for tomorrow’s manufacturing needs. The shop floor is much more than just a floor, it’s where the vision of the future is transformed into reality.

Tonda has worked on many industrial projects in its 40+ years of experience, specialising in upgrades and renovations that better suit the growing needs of their client’s business. We’ve helped companies transition from small scale to large operations by expanding the spaces they use to put their best foot forward in the industries they serve.

When given room to grow, the sky’s the limit for success when organisations set larger goals for their long-term growth. We’re building the ideal space they need to achieve these goals and ensure that their business secures the work they require to continue growing.

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Industrial Projects

Who We’ve Built For

Yearly, on-going renovations to a manufacturing plant, both interior and exterior, providing more space for expansion and operational growth.

Added an addition to the existing building to provide more warehouse space to expand business and prepare for a growing scope of work.

Upgraded the facility with additional interior and exterior space for increased workflow and on-site truck traffic.

Every Industry,
Every Detail

We work closely with companies in all industries who specialise in manufacturing much needed products and materials that support our growing economy on many levels. When businesses look to grow, they look to Tonda to ensure their vision is crafted to perfection.

When Tonda takes on a renovation or expansion, every small detail is considered to deliver a finished product that can stand up to the fast-paced, high-efficiency manufacturing needs of tomorrow. We’re no stranger to showing up on-time, and getting the job done ahead of schedule.

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Work With Us

Our team of trusted professionals is ready to tackle all types of industrial projects, so experience the Tonda difference today and see what the future could look like for your business.