Institutional Construction

When it comes to construction companies that build schools, Tonda is the most educated and well-versed in its class, and we have the awards to prove it. Tonda has been a part of building and/or renovating almost every school in London, Ontario over the past 40+ years, and we’re proud to show our work.

These institutions trust us to deliver the best results, on time and within budget in order to help them maintain and grow one of the largest public school districts in Ontario. We understand how to utilise space to maximise efficiency, while factoring in growth with forward-thinking concepts and designs.

Students rely on these institutions to provide the skills and tools needed to be successful in their fields, by mirroring an in-the-field experience they can learn from. To ensure these needs are met, many requirements from multiple fields of study must be addressed and considered in plans when renovating or building a school for future education.

Institutional Projects

Who We’ve Built For

Renovation project on multiple campus buildings, delivering award-winning results while preserving the school’s historic structures. These projects included the Thames Hall and the University College Campus.

Built a new home for Fanshawe College’s Arts Campus, located in downtown London. This project secured L.E.E.D. certification through maximising the potential this space offers to foster learning at a higher level.

From additions to interior renovations to mechanical upgrades, Tonda has worked with these schools to provide more accessibility for students and provide a state-of-the-art space for their education and personal growth.

Major renovations to the existing building, coordinated in phases keeping the library open to the public.

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Work With Us

Tonda Construction aims to help communities grow their future workforces by providing them with the best possible concepts and designs for these institutions to achieve long-term success.