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General Contractors

Healthcare General Contractors

Tonda Construction has a solid foundation of building, maintaining and renovating hospitals that help countless people perform miracles, and tell amazing success stories. We go the extra mile when it comes to the needs of our heroes at organisations like the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), and St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

There isn’t a single floor inside any of these hospitals that Tonda hasn’t worked on, making countless upgrades to ensure that the fast-paced environment and healthcare workers are safe and protected. Innovation & efficiency save lives, and when it comes to healthcare general contractors, Tonda always has, and will always continue to have our heroes’ backs!

Healthcare Projects

Who We’ve Built For

With Eric Lindros’ generous $5 million donation, Tonda transformed the Lindros Legacy Research Building at the London Health Sciences Centre from an empty shell into their vision for offering medical care treating sports injuries & concussions.

Our team converted an obsolete bowling alley into a state-of-the-art medical office and rebuilt the interior to suit the needs of its newfound purpose. This redesigned space now plays an important role in serving the healthcare needs of Strathroy’s community.

Tonda spent their first 15-20 years renovating the LHSC & St. Joseph’s Healthcare hospitals, with an endless number of projects including LHSC’s Cancer Center and numerous MRI and CT Scan units.

Pushing The Limits

One of the largest one-time donations ever given by a Canadian sports icon is something that can go an incredibly long way when placed in the right hands. Utilising a budget to maximise potential helps us turn something good into something great, and helps heroes like LHSC push the limits of modern medical science.

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