Fanshawe College

School of Digital
and Performing Arts

50,000 sq. ft with 6 floors and a basement

Home to 400+ students and several creative programs

Located in the heart of downtown London

Western University


$26 million renovation project, rebuilt to the owner’s vision;

Complete demolition of the existing building, major structural changes;

Third-floor renovation converting an existing pool into a gymnasium – three-storey atrium with a live wall in the center of the building.

Western University

Wind Engineering Energy & Environmental Research Facility

Performance-based design with hundreds of fans and modifiers inside a 2-dome structure that allows for return airflow

Used to create wind tunnels (i.e., hurricanes, tornadoes) for research

Operated 300+ times per year for unique experimentations

When built, this was the most sophisticated wind tunnel in the world

Other buildings from Western University

College Building

Showcases a delicate balance between the preservation of heritage and the incorporation of building innovation;

Award-winning tile project on main hallway floor;

Major interior modernization + opening of more common space and student living areas;

Renovated 117,534 sq. ft (almost all) of the existing 98-year-old building.

Weldon Library

Tonda was contracted with a $15 million renovation of the existing Weldon Library.

Construction included the 5th floor, Ground Floor, and Mezzanine area, also known as the “Two Story Learning Commons”.

The renovation aimed to preserve the library’s historic beauty by adding a Wood Cladded Feature Star and lighting to accentuate the Waffled Ceiling.

Tonda enhanced the library’s functionality and learning experience by constructing gender-neutral bathrooms, offices, presentation spaces, and meeting rooms.

an employee from Tonda construction

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